A bit about me

I am a 22-year-old writer based in West Sussex. I work as a lifestyle reporter for Metro.co.uk, where I write extensively about all things invisible illness-related, including both physical and mental health.

I write mainly about the likes of inflammatory bowel disease and bipolar disorder, as I have been diagnosed with these two conditions myself and therefore it is much easier to write from personal experience – however I love to write for other people too as I feel it’s so important to raise awareness of the fact that not all illnesses are visible.

Before my work as a journalist I founded the blog morethanyourbag.com, which documented my life with an ostomy bag, of which I was given following emergency surgery to remove my large bowel after unknowingly living with a severe bout of ulcerative colitis. You can read all about this here, if you’d like.

10 months into having the stoma bag and I decided it was time to have it reversed. This meant my small intestine would be stitched to my rectum to allow me to go to the toilet ‘normally’ again. However nearly two years down the line and I am still having problems with it, which is what has inspired me to begin another blog to document my journey onto better health.

So often, people with invisible illnesses hear phrases such as ‘But you don’t look sick’, and ‘But you look great’, from people who don’t quite understand that you don’t have to look sick on the outside to be sick on the inside – this is what inspired the name for the blog.

I’m also hoping it’ll inspire others who don’t quite understand the ins and outs of invisible illness to educate themselves on what it’s like for people who do live with one – and how they can be more empathetic and caring towards these people.

As mentioned above, I have also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder – and so instead of focusing on one form of invisible illness, I thought this blog could be a great way to highlight both mental and physical – and what it’s like to live with both.