Why I’m crowdfunding my mental health book & what happens when you pledge

As many of you will know by now, by the amount of times I have (very excitedly) tweeted about it, I have written a whole entire book on my life with mental illness.

It documents my life with OCD, health anxiety, BPD and bipolar disorder. It also talks about things that come with these things – like suicidal and intrusive thoughts, self harm, panic attacks, mania and depression, mood swings, toxic relationships, obsessions and compulsions and more.

I started writing it shortly after a nervous breakdown. It saved me and I think it has what it takes to save other people, too.

It talks about my darkest times. Why I ended up being under the Crisis team, my nervous breakdown, wanting to end my life and how OCD led me to washing my hands sixty times a day and getting down on my hands and knees in the road in the dark to search for something that wasn’t there.

GirlUnwiredCream (1)

But alongside all of this, I also talk about how to survive with mental illness. And how I’m still surviving. That’s another important aspect of the book. It’s not a how-to-guide or a cure. It’s about going THROUGH mental illness. Because I think it’s much more relatable, because living with mental illness is about managing and surviving. There’s always going to be bad days but it’s about living for the good days, too.

Though it’s not a guide, there is some guide-y stuff in there. Like how to seek help for your mental health and make sure you get it. How to go to A&E for your mental health. How to open up to family and friends. Whether medication is right for you or not. How to get through the bad days. There are also lists: lists on good self-care tips, lists on dealing with intrusive and suicidal thoughts, and lists on how to work out exactly what is going on in your head.

What I’m really hoping for with this book is that people will realise that there is someone who ‘gets it’. Who’s there for them and understands them and believes them. I also think it’ll help people come to terms with their illnesses – while also helping people discover what they might be suffering from, but haven’t yet been diagnosed with.


But as you guys know I am crowdfunding this book. And, without going too much into detail, this is because literary agents didn’t know where to market the book considering it’s memoir mixed with well-being, and traditional publishers suggested marketing it as a how-to-guide. Which, of course totally missed the point of what I’m doing. And so I’m crowdfunding it, because I believe the fuck out of this book. I’ve worked so hard on it and I hope people will support me and believe in this book as much as I do.

I understand people might be hesitant, which is why I’m just going to list a few things to reassure you what happens with this crowdfunding:

– You are not donating. Every ‘pledge’ is actually a pre-order. When you pledge you are buying the book and the rewards that come with it.

– All of the pledges actually go towards the publishing of the book, which is why it needs funding – because publishing costs money! 

– The difference with what I’m doing with Unbound and buying a book once it’s published is that you get lots of rewards. Your name in the back of the book as a reminder that you helped make it happen, signed copies, the eBook included with every sale and more.


– And this is the most important question I’ve been hearing that needs to be answered: WHAT HAPPENS TO MY MONEY IF IT DOESN’T GET PUBLISHED?! 

If the book very sadly doesn’t get published (which I’m hoping with your support won’t happen), you get your money back. Simple. You don’t lose out on anything. If it happens you get a shiny new book with your name in every single edition of the book – even the ones that will go on sale in book shops after it’s published – and if it doesn’t happen you get a refund.

So I hope I’ve answered any questions you have. I’ve said it a million times but I really hope you’ll support me with this because it means the world to me, I’ve put my heart and soul into it – but most importantly, if you’re currently struggling, this is for YOU.

To support me in this journey, please consider pledging. The sooner this book gets funded, the sooner a shiny, lovely, beautiful copy with your name in the back arrives at you door. Click here to pre-order.


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